Speech and Language Traits of the
Four to Twelve-Month-Old

By age four months, your child will…

By eight months, your child will…

By 12 months, your child will…

You can stimulate your infant’s speech and language by…

Your child’s speech and language development depends on his or her ability to hear. A hearing loss can interrupt or delay the ability to communicate. All children, even newborns and young babies, can have their hearing tested. If you suspect a hearing problem, ask your doctor to refer your child to an audiologist. Seek prompt medical treatment if you suspect your child may have an ear infection.

Remember if you have any questions about your child’s hearing, call an audiologist, the hearing professional.

If you have concerns regarding your child, you may call one of the folowing for futher information:

Baptist Hospital Speech & Hearing


West Florida Hospital Speech Department


Escambia School District Audiology Clinic



Is Your Child on Track?

If you suspect your child might have a speech problem or a hearing problem, select an age range below for information to help determine if your child is progressing normally.